Whether you are a Network member, parent of a child in Scouting, or someone who is totally new to Scouting, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the biggest myths about Scouting is that Groups are closing down due to a lack of young people wanting to become Members. Nothing could be further from the truth; in the UK there are over 500’000 people enjoying Scouting, 12’000 of those are in Hampshire and 1’360 in Gosport! Scouting now more than ever is a growing movement!

There are lots of ways you can get involved as a parent, from helping out occasionally on a parent rota to volunteering your time as a leader./ Out volunteering opportunities are as carried as you! Because whether you’re helping a leader to run an activity in the local village hall, driving the minibus, organising a night away, or buttering 120 slices of bread for a group of very hungry eleven-year-olds – no two scout meetings are the same. The difference you make though is always great and always appreciated.

Why help?

There are many reasons why adults choose to volunteer for Scouting. Here are some that existing volunteers have given:

  • “It enabled me to develop my own skills and also learn new ones”
  • “To give something back to my community”
  • “To support the other Leaders”
  • “Because volunteering is a ‘good thing’ “
  • “As an enabler, so the Leader can do more!”
  • “To spend more quality time with my child”
  • “To enjoy and rediscover adventure for myself”
  • “To live a healthier and more active lifestyle”

What do Scouts do?

Sections usally meet on one evening during the week, although they may also go to camps and other days out throughout the year.

Whilst the activities they take part in will depend on thier age, each section gives young people the oppoortunity to learn by doing.

Leaders in The Scout Association are trained to deliver this programme, ensuring our young people stay safe while they enjoy themselves and learn.

The next step….

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