Air Explorers Launches

Air explorers to lead from the top to riase the standards of cleaning floors. I really don’t know what to type so I am typing anything just to give the post some content.

This is so simple and works really well.

Gosport Explorers at the front of Gosport’s Future development plan in 3 way split. Gosport Vikings will now become, Air, Land and Sea Explorers. (Unit names to come later). This is a really exciting time for Gosport and Explorers all…

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Scout website development turns up a notch

The latest update to hit Gosport District Scouts is the email a news post update. This makes keeping the news updated quick and easy! Nigel Fleetwood – District Appointments Advisory Committee Chairman, Assistant Scout Leader (6th Gosport), County Training Advisor,…

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6th Gosport goes to space…

With thanks to the UK Muslim Scout Fellowship 6th Gosport Scouts had the oppertunity to go to space…. via a 1.1km mine shaft ??? We then jumped in a bus and drove all the way to california where we jumped…

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test 2

This is a test post and will show up like this. It this easy to do this. you just type c


Test post, I am just typing rubbish to fill the space so you can see what the text will look like.